Why Mastering?

Audio mastering is an art form and a skill that can take years to develop.

It’s the final process in production that makes sure a song is as loud, clean & balanced sounding as possible on all audio systems; from the recording studio to your ear buds. Or as we often say the final “polishing steps”. It can bring your song to life and give it fullness and clarity. If done properly it will bring out the best in your songs mix down.


ALL commercial releases are mastered. Not only can you enhance the mixed material, but if needed, you can correct problems like hiss, electrical hum and distortion that can only be addressed with the kind of tools and ears good mastering provides. This is because the mastering engineer can contour the EQ and dynamics to make your music sound richer/ fuller and commercially ready. This is done with high-end equipment that has been calibrated to ensure exact results.

The process used in mastering varies from project to
project, but in general can include the following:


1. Noise Reduction

2. EQ

3. Overall Compression / Limiting

4. Dithering

5. Relative Level adjustments, continuity between songs and spacing

6. Fade ins/outs to black

7. Over all listening experience

8. Plant master generation for replication/duplication


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