“I am here to level the playing field for the independent musician”

~ Anthony Casuccio

"A key part of being successful in the music industry today is finding reliable mixing and mastering services that you can count on to make your music even greater than it already is."

It is great to get a second set of trained ears to listen and make final adjustments on your project. I have a high percentage of repeat clients that know they can count on me to relay technical-insight to help improve the quality of their mixes. After reviewing, I often send mix suggestions that will help us get outstanding mastering results.




Mastering is the essential production step between mixing and manufacturing. We guarantee your recording will sound its very best whether played on the radio, iPhone, jukebox, earbuds, or in the car. Mastering will give your mixes clarity, punch, loudness and energy by sonically shaping them with EQ and compression, improving both the individual tracks and the overall continuity of your project.



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